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Living with Confidence

Living with Confidence border Living with Confidence was initially launched as part of a joint initiative from Chubb Security Personnel and the Security Industry Training Organisation (SITO) as part of their 'Safety Awareness For Women' program.

Trainforlife are now hosting the Living with Confidence video for and on behalf of Securitas to promote best practice for women at home, in the workplace, travelling or on an evening out. In respect of personal safety for women this video is essential viewing. Living with Confidence.

Chief Inspector Bernie Gravett from the City of Westminster Police, also involved in the project, said: 'Taking a common-sense approach to the way you live your life can make all the difference as to whether you become a victim of crime. This applies equally to men and women, but there are specific instances where women can be more vulnerable.'

Stefan Hey, SITO's Managing Director, comments: "We are encouraging businesses to get involved and use the DVD or our (SITO’s) training course on the subject to promote personal safety to their personal female staff. Businesses have a responsibility to their employees both inside and outside the workplace, and ensuring their personal safety should be a top priority."


Truckpol border Train for Life worked with Truckpol on behalf of AVCIS and the ACPO Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service, to produce the content and material for a course relating to HGV crime. The course is presented in an online video format, which explains the "Initial Reporting Requirement" for HGV crime. The course also offers tutorials specifically for Police officers in regards to this matter. Click to view the course.