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Stress Management Training Course

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What is stress management at work?

Upon completion of this course the participant will be aware of the causes and symptoms of stress and how to reduce stress at work. This course is recommended for supervisory and management staff for identifying a methodology for coping with stress at work.

The course will make persons aware of different scenarios which could cause an employee stress and will demonstrate how best to deal with a number of relevant situations. The course will also assist in the understanding of employment law issues related to stress in the workplace.

The Stress Test

In order to ensure that the participants fully understand all aspects relating to stress management we have designed the course to allow maximum input from the participant. The course is based around a management project in which the “manager” is responsible for a new venture, namely; the opening of a new store.

The “manager” is required to select three members of staff from within the organisation to complement their existing team; there is a final selection of six persons to choose from, each with their own potential work related issues which range from religious beliefs through to health problems. 

As the project progresses the “manager” is faced with a number of choices through interaction. Making the wrong choice at any stage has the potential for making the selected members of the team stressed through being overworked, underlying health issues, clashing personalities, as a result of external family issues and so on.

Throughout the interactive section, the “manager” will have to make between six or nine critical decisions that will determine the outcome, a poor decision will impact upon the project.