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Statement Taking border Did you know that taking a written statement after an incident is still the most effective way to record a person's version of events? This course will explain to you why it is so effective and exactly how to take a statement so that an account is accurately recorded.

With knowledge gained through our sister company’s investigative background we have compiled this course to assist in witness statement taking. We feel that this course may be useful to persons ranging from accident investigation services through to managers investigating an internal incident.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be aware of the PEACE model of interviewing and how this structure can be applied to an individual’s own interview techniques.

The participant will be made aware of what information does, and does not, go into a witness statement, and exactly how it should be written.
They will gain sufficient knowledge from the course regarding conversation techniques so they can be used to probe a witness and gain as much relevant information from them as possible.

Participants will be required to pass a short test at the end of the course to ensure they have a full understanding of the contents.