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Personal safety is an important issue for anyone in their everyday life. However, it is even more of a predominant issue for tourists visiting cities and countries, in which they are unfamiliar.

Personal Safety border This short course aims to highlight to tourists the best ways to protect their personal safety whilst in London for the Olympic Games. However, the advice is useful for any tourist when visiting another city or country or just in terms of your own personal safety.

The course will aim to show you how to be safe:

  • On public transport
  • From pick pockets
  • In hotels, hostels or rented accommodation
  • At cash machines

Please be aware that the tips and advice given in this course cannot guarantee your, or your belongings safety. These are only a guide as to what you can do; and following what we suggest will hopefully increase your personal safety, but unfortunately we cannot assure that these will be 100% effective, they are just preventative measures.