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Living with confidence is a video based, informative course aimed at providing safety awareness for women, although the tips and information provided can be used by men too.

The course follows a series of videos relating to different aspects of a woman’s life whereby her safety could be comprised or where she could become the victim of a crime. The main aim of the course is to highlight these safety issues by providing examples of where they could occur. These examples include tips for:

  1. What you are carrying in your handbag and how these items can make you vulnerable
  2. Being safe when socialising
  3. Staying safe when at home and when at work

The course has been produced with Chubb Security Company to enhance your personal safety. The video clips contain advice from experts within the subject area about each topic as well as dramatizations of the examples being provided and real life stories from crime victims. The videos are informative and useful to increase your confidence for everyday life.