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Vehicle Hijack Training

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The aim of this course is to supply a basic understanding of the risk of lorry hijack and provide methods of staying safe in the event of a hijack situation.

The course has been supplied to a significant number of UK transport and logistics companies. During the hijack awareness training course we address the following issues:

The likelihood of hijack and the more probable places in which a vehicle may be attacked.

  • What vehicles the criminals are more likely to attack?
  • Observation skills; what to look out for and the importance of reporting.
  • The methods that the hijackers may use to take control of the vehicle and the methods used for stopping a vehicle.
  • In the event of a hijack, the importance of remaining calm and co-operating with the criminals and the benefit of retaining details that may assist in any ensuing investigations.

This course will help you train your drivers with how to avoid a hijack and how to stay safe during a hijack. The course follows a series of videos, which provide examples of hijack scenarios and ways to use the relevant prevention methods.