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Diversion Theft

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Preventing driver confidence tricks, or cons:

This online course relates to 'Theft by Deception'. This type of deception is also commonly known as Diversion Theft or “The Corner Game”.

The "Corner Game" or "Round the Corner Game" occurs when a delivery driver is duped to another location other than the delivery location. The lorry or van driver is subject to a series of clever deceptions or driver cons. The lorry driver and traffic office staff are subjected to social engineering enabling the theft to take place.

The course is intended to increase the security awareness of all commercial drivers, receptionists, traffic clerks and warehouse personnel. It demonstrates the deception methodology used by criminals.

The course is divided into five sections, each dedicated to a different deception methodology. In each section video clips are used to enhance the understanding of the participant. The sections are as follows:

  1. The Corner Game – The “classic” con
  2. Pre - Delivery Deception – Telephone deception
  3. Post –Delivery Deception – Telephone deception
  4. Post – collection Deception – Telephone deception
  5. The Assistant – Driver confidence trick

The video clips contain dialogue between the criminals, drivers and traffic department personnel revealing an insight into how a lack of experience and awareness leads to the ultimate goal of the criminal: theft by deception.

The course has been designed to be stand alone with the assistance of our online tutor, Maureen. However, the course can be delivered by an in-house trainer if required.