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What is the psychology of deception? Can you tell if someone is lying? We have explored nonverbal cues for deception, looking at body language for detecting lying or deception.

This course has been formulated to provide an insight into the psychological aspects relating to deception and involuntary physical indicators when a person is lying.

Once the course has been completed, the participant will be able to identify various nonverbal cues that could be an indication that a person is being deceptive.

We have utilised a videoed police interview of Karen Matthews; the interview was conducted at a time when her daughter was still missing. Matthews was later charged and convicted in connection with the abduction of her daughter, Shannon. We have studied Karen Matthews’ movements throughout the interview and identified a number of movements that indicate cues for deception.

Upon completion of the course, the participant will have sufficient understanding behind why these cues are a measure of deception and also to be able to look for the correct movement for each cue. The participant will also be instructed on how to identify between cues which can be a measure of deception and ones that are not considered to be.