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Advertise with Train for Life

Simplicity: that's what we aim to offer you when you advertise with T4L.

What we do:

We will host your advertisement for your business or venture on the pages of our site to enable users to click through easily, to access your website.

What you need to do:

All you need to do is decide where to place your advert and how it will be designed! You can do this by either submitting a prepared ad to us in the relevant size you require or you can provide us with the parts of your ad, in which we will create the ad for you (this will be at an additional cost).

Ad Locations:

We have placed possible ad locations on various pages of our site to give you an indication of where your advert can go, but in case you missed these, or want to view all possible locations; the positions we are offering are:

  • Half Banner - size 234 x 60 (pixels): located at the top of the page
  • Small Square - size 120 x 120 (pixels): located on the left hand side (can be merged to form a Skyscraper - size 120 x 600 pixels )
  • Square - size 160 x 160 (pixels): located on the right hand side (can be merged to form a Wide Skyscraper - size 160 x 600 pixels)
  • Banner - size 468 x 60 (pixels): located towards the bottom of the page (also offered in between course descriptions on Courses page)
  • Leaderboard - size 728 x 90 (pixels): located at the bottom of the page

Please see the image below for examples as to where these adverts will be placed:
(Drag inside image to see more)

These ad positions are available on all pages except the Home page, or where indicated. Rates will vary, depending on the page the advert is located on (please contact us for full details)

To find out more about advertising with T4L, please contact us.

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