About Us

The concept for “Train for Life” came into existence in 2006 when a specific security training need was identified. The concept developed from the lack of suitable training material available for transport companies operating within the UK.

Train for Life Limited’s sister company, Richmond Day & Wilson Ltd, an investigation company founded in 1994 had been heavily involved in providing Investigation and Security Consultancy services to a number of UK transport and logistics providers. It became clear that there was a lack of security training provided to drivers who were operating within the UK and Europe, especially relating to Hijack Awareness and Diversion Theft, also known as “The Corner Game”.

Initially, two video based courses were produced completely in-house using the first hand experience gained from investigating and interviewing drivers, warehouse and other staff who had been directly involved in a hijack situation or subjected to a “Corner Game” type deception. These courses were made available in an interactive online format and formed the foundation upon which Train for Life was developed; many more interactive online courses are now available.

How do we make it work?

The Train for Life team includes former members of the Metropolitan Police Service and the Armed Forces. The team is academically enhanced with team members holding degrees in Law, Terrorism Studies, Human Resource Management, and Computer Network Engineering to PhD level.

The methods of delivery for the courses have been developed by our employees who comprise of a former university lecturer and personnel who are qualified to teach adult learners in accordance with City & Guilds - Teaching Adult Learners (No. 7307).

Richmond Day & Wilson's practical experience is well grounded in investigation and risk assessment, notably in the retail/commercial sectors and transport and logistics.

Train for Life benefits from their experience enabling us to stay abreast of current crime trends and so keep our training absolutely up to the minute. We believe that we are fulfilling a genuine need for this type of interactive training and that security is everyone’s responsibility but many people do not understand the repercussions of their actions or the dangers around them in their day-to-day work. With our experience and that of our partners, we can help you educate your employees to safeguard both them and your business, saving you money on losses, training staff, lawsuits and insurance.

Fighting Crime with Knowledge.

Should you “out-think” or “out-spend” the competition? Our goal is to cost-effectively improve your workforce from the inside out. It doesn’t get more cost-effective than FREE!

Richmond Day & Wilson – A Brief History:

Richmond Day & Wilson Limited have experience investigating murder abroad, kidnap and extortion, and all types of criminal investigation, they have carried out work in Moscow, Croatia (during the war of independence), Spain, Portugal and France. Additionally, we have worked for the judiciary on private and delicate matters, even receiving a letter of commendation from the Director of the United States Department of Justice for our work on their behalf. For more details, please visit